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Issues after replacing coils on 302 airpak

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  • Issues after replacing coils on 302 airpak

    Im stumped... 2009 302 airpak Kohler 750 serial# LK140069M was misfiring and running like garbage
    carb was super clean figured i would replace the old ignition coils
    I have installed the mdi conversion kit this motor seems to have the dsam setup.
    followed instructions attaching the new kill wire
    When i start the engine, it runs wide open and never idles back down and i can no longer turn it off
    the stepper motor works, and opens the throttle but after starting it stays at the same spot
    I have physical closed the throttle by moving the linkage and the motor runs like a champ (finally)
    anybody else do one of these conversions?

    Also i left the dsam module attached to the filter housing connected. The directions are to remove it completely.
    that doesn't seem right that's what powers the stepper motor..i'm lost

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    When you turn the key, not starting it, do you hear the stepper motor position itself. You can watch it find the start position? With the key off does the stepper motor move freely. Should be easily moved with no resistance or restriction. Coils either work or they don't so your problem is in that stepper motor or carburetor.


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      Find the spec # on the silver tag on the side of the Kohler engine and I'll look up the conversion kit instructions. Honestly not sure what you mean mdi and dsam.


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        Yes the stepper motor moves after turning the key, no obstructions.
        after starting it holds the throttle open instead of backing it down to idle
        Almost seems like i lost communication..between the stepper and the brain that controls it which seems to be that dsam module
        The silver tag came off the blower housing before i bought it. kind of a mystery which series I have other than CH750

        these are the directions to instal the new kit


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          Just one question then I'll look at the install. Did you move or disconnect the stepper arm?


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            I did unbolt the stepper motor to remove the carb for cleaning. I left the arm connected


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              Two quick questions. Did you just buy this and this is how you found it?
              You've owned it and it just started doing this?
              Anyways. Sure sign of a bad stepper is starting it and it stays in idle because it can find start position.
              Either way I believe your next replacement is the stepper motor with the information you've given me


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                No i have had it for three years. one of the ignition coils went bad replaced it with the mdi conversion kit. stepper motor works. It takes it from idle to full throttle but i lose communication after that. My guess would be If the motor was bad it wouldn't do any of that.


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                  Well im guessing that this update for the ignition coils is meant for CH750 on lawn mowers and such. Not for machines with stepper motors. Last resort i will call miller see if they have any ideas.

                  I think i will just buy the old style coils to replace and wire it like before and move on

                  I appreciate the help 1997cst.