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Pulse and Porosity

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  • Pulse and Porosity

    Do any of you note a distinct sensitivity to porosity when pulse welding? I’m not seeing the problem with short circuit and C25.

    I’m fighting porosity using my MM 255 and pulse. Using C10 (90/10 Argon/CO2). I ‘think’ it’s drafts in my shop but I haven’t pinned it down to that. I’ve turned off all the fans and it ‘seems’ to lessen or go away.

    I’ve also experimented with the flow rate but that didn’t seem to affect it.

    Weirdly it seems to always occur towards the end of the weld. Probably 95% of the time.

    Have also experimented with settings but that hasn’t affected it at all. It’s occurring in flat & horizontal & in vertical downhill. Using 1/4” mild steel. Can’t uphill that or thinner without making a mess.
    Miller 211 AutoSet
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