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Trailblazer 302 airpak stuck in auto cal

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  • Trailblazer 302 airpak stuck in auto cal

    Picked up a used airpak inop cheap, new power board, condemned by previous owner replaced they calimed no output, I have allready checked my resistance readings on the stator side and rotor side. 250hrs on the machine fires up goes into auto cal bumps the throttle back and forth settles in but still says auto cal.
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    You’ll need to post your serial number.


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      serial MD170718R, i bought a new voltage regulator from miller parts for less 220.00 peeled the miller sticker off the kohler box put the kohler number into google average price 35.99 shocking airgas wanted 330.00 for it


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        Ya that’s pretty typical for Miller parts. I had to replace a little thermostat on an old power source a month or so ago, Miller wanted $200-something for it. I called miller and got the tech guy to give me the specs, he was pretty disgusted with the price as well. The first hit on the google was $2.73 for the same rated thermostat. I ended up going with one from the original manufacturer of the part, that was still in business and literally down the street from miller in Wisconsin. So $18 delivered. Frickin jokers.


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          Typical Altec charges 3k for new slip rings for their cranes i found the manufacture get em for 800. Soo I adjusted the dog bone on the throttle got it through auto cal putting out weld now it has no AC to the outlets, I checked resistance on the power leads 80 81 and 90 82 got .45ohms which the book says is in spec but im getting only 7 to 14 volts ac off of them? Any guidance would be welcome.