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Miller Dynasty 200 DX - Internal Gas Leak

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    Originally posted by Ltbadd View Post
    How are you cleaning the material? Material that thin should be cleaned on the back side of the joint as well.

    If the torch is held too high, or you have too great of a push angle, that will cause your problem.

    You didn't mention filler, is this a fusion weld?

    At that amperage I would use .045" or .035" dia. filler. Too large of filler will
    slow down your travel and cause you to add more heat which will cook the base metal very quick.

    Can you post some photo's?
    Ok, so I wasn't able to get back to things until today - but partially because I wanted to drop down to the .045 309L filler as you suggested. I watched a couple more vids on stainless and I think the same suggestion was made - so I got some on order a few days ago - arriving yesterday. I think the filler size really helped. Being able to form a puddle then get moving really helped reduce the heat input.

    Ignore the bead on the left....In order of welding, from the far right back the the .045" filler (1-5). Added the backside pic. You can see the order based on the heat sig - #5 being the one towards the left (lots of sugaring/penetration)

    All welds were done using the same welder settings. 75A, 2s preflow, 10s postflow, 14/15 CFH argon, #8 cup (pyrex) gas lens, 3/32", 2% lanthanated electrode - no change in electrode grind (I usually grind to a sharper angle - no blunting). These are about 2" long beads on .06" 304 SST coupons. None off welds were brushed after. used acetone to clean both sides (and filler)

    Weld #1 - Just getting used to that smaller filler - looks like I cooked a bit and washed out in the middle. (Slightly wider over all)
    Weld #2 & 3 - Pretty similar - had a start hiccup on #3 - but I learned to drop down on the peddle (or ease up) so as to reduce heat input without loosing the puddle. Kept up pretty well. I actually took a video of my welder output display and after getting moving - I was actually welding with around 45-50 amps most of the way and tapering off at the end obviously.
    Weld #4 - I tried to reduce my amps after getting started and you can see where I lost the puddle in the middle.
    Weld #5 (next to the filler) - I thought I would try keeping the amps higher but moving faster. Got a similar effect to weld #1.

    EDIT: just thought I'd add - the bead widths (#2/#3) are around .11/.12" for reference.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_5304.JPG Views:	0 Size:	94.0 KB ID:	609895

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_5306.JPG Views:	0 Size:	91.8 KB ID:	609896

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