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  • Miller Dialarc HF-P

    I'm looking for help on an older Dialarc machine I've used for years.
    Use it primarily for TIG welding as a home hobbyist ( vintage motorcycles/autos)
    Just recently when i try to initiate an arc the tungsten will ball on the end and i can never get a penetrating arc.
    It's setup in DC straight polarity with high freq start, I've checked most of the caps with a capacitance meter ,seem to be ok.

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    There's a lot to check sir. My guess is to check front panel for polarity switch "engagement" and turn down the "balance".
    Were you welding in AC prior to the issue or did it happen all at once
    Dialarc, the old man still uses his. Not much to go wrong with those. You shouldn't have a hard time solving this. Good luck sir
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      Most of the time it's the control circuit. Fuse, diode, etc. Pretty basic machine and unless smoke boils out of it they weld forever.


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        Strange timing on this post,
        I had some trouble with a dialarc HF-p yesterday. I was welding on some sort of water tank, everything is going fine, next time I grab a rod I barely get an arc. I had to turn it up to high range and run around 190 amps to run a 3/32 7018. Didn’t have time to hunt the problem, had to get this tank done and out.


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          If u find out what you issue is I'd like to know, I still have the issue with mine. Thanks