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Gauge leaking through back

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  • Gauge leaking through back

    My low pressure argon gauge is leaking from the back and has me down for the night. Is there anything I can do to fix it until I can get a new one tomorrow?

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    Not knowing what you have available, or more info about how and how much is leaking, it's pretty hard to help. Hopefully you have a parts store handy in the morning. Call it a night.

    That said, if you can keep the pressure setting, you can take off the gauge and put a plug there, usually a 1/8" pipe plug. You should be able to weld, just won't know your exact flow.


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      Is the gauge itself (i.e. pressure gauge, flow gauge) leaking, or are you using "gauge" to refer to the entire regulator assembly? If the regulator (the brass part) is leaking, there's nothing you can do without a rebuild kit. If a pressure gauge is leaking, as MAC702 said, you can use a plug.