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Diversion 180 blowing 50 amp breaker

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  • Diversion 180 blowing 50 amp breaker

    I have a Diversion 180. I only use it on stainless exhaust and sheet metal. I use it on a 220 50 amp outlet. Sitting at idle it tripped the breaker. I turned it off ,reset the breaker and when I turn the machine on it immediately trips the breaker. I took the cover off the machine and I see no signs of damage or smoke. I pulled the boards and the igbts don't appear damaged. I don't see any signs of damage on the pc1 or pc2 either. Any ideas?
    Thank You

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    If it's immediately tripping the breaker, chances are PC1 is toasted. I haven't worked on one of those, but I'd suspect the input rectifiers, boost IGBTs if it uses them, filter capacitors, or primary IGBTs as being shorted.


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      Thanks for the direction, I think I'm going to try testing the IGBTs and diodes. I think I know where this is going but I'm still holding on to the hope that I don't need a board. Thanks again.