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Can I use my flux core or should I use mig

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  • Can I use my flux core or should I use mig

    I bought a weldmate t136 and I think I'll be using it right at the bottom end (30 amp / 0.7mm mild steel) to do some rust repairs on my car. I read that flux core burns hotter than MIG, should I use MIG to avoid blowing holes? The metal I'm welding looks around 0.75mm. I'm new to welding btw.

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    My thoughts--For a newbie especially---use MIG. I have never even tried flux core on body metal--pretty aggressive. MIG requires very clean metal--flux core not so much. Grind or sand everything shiny. You may already know this, but weld in short "stitches" to keep from overheating the metal and warping it badly. Weld an inch or so and let it cool.
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      This completely depends on your skill level, but it will be MUCH easier with the GMAW (MIG) process. It will also be easier if you load it with .023-.025" wire instead of .030".


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        Both good answers.
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          Find some scrap metal of similar size and practice first.


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            I despise flux core, and would not suggest it for any application where MIG is an option.