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Miller intelliweld low output

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  • Miller intelliweld low output

    I've got a Miller intelliweld sn: jk572496 and it worked flawlessly after I got some issues with a contactor figured out, now it seems I'm down on power, all 3 legs going in are good but I can't get my amperage up, im running .045 solid core with tri mix and 0.45 dual sheild flux with same result, after about 22 volts my amperage won't climb with it. So if I set the machine to 40 volts ( should be ridiculously high amperage) it won't break 200 amps on the read out. And you can definitely tell it's not as hot as it should be.

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    First, are you trained/knowledgeable/feel safe working around lethal voltages? If not, get some assistance.

    If so, first thing I would do is check the voltage at the primary of the transformer (downstream of the primary contactor W) while someone is welding. Make sure you are getting full line voltage to the transformer on all three phases before going any further. Use clip-on test leads; one hand in your pocket at all times.


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      This serial number shows bad on Miller web site is this a 650 or a 650D .Double check your S/N or give full model name.


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        My apologies for the wrong sn Jk574295 , but it has good power to the transformer, minimal voltage drops on leads, ran some test beads today on some 1/4 to 1/2 t's and voltage was around 28 but weld output was reading like 215 amps, figured amperage should be a good deal higher than that at thoes volts, .045 solid with trimix, is it just the wire size limiting the higher amperage, do I need to switch to 3/32 or something similar size ?



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          My guess is that one or more SCR's aren't firing. Is the weld quality less than desirable? Splatter?