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  • 330 A/BP Restoration

    I have a 1983 330 A/BP S/N JD702460 that I am in the process of restoring. Their are a few things I need assistance with. I need to source a black face plate, the one on this machine is bent up and unreadable. I would also like to have a service manual for this welder I contacted Miller through their site and they said all they have access to was a owners manual and referred me to a local service center. Does anyone have an electronic copy of this manual or know where to get one.I can compensate you for you time if needed. I can not completely make out the wire numbers on the wiring diagram in the downloaded owners manual even when zoomed in on it.
    Thanks Jim

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    Not ignoring you, I just don't have any idea how to find this stuff. You have an irreplaceable gem there!

    The owner's manual from that era is virtually the service manual, by the lowered standards for manuals of today. Even the schematic for the post flow timer is included. I really doubt you are going to find a service manual for the machine, but I understand how hard it is to try and read the wire numbers. One thing I have found useful (though very time consuming) is to download the manuals for the serial number ranges next up and down from yours, and see if the numbers are more readable. If not, expand to the next range, etc. I have occasionally stumbled upon a really excellent quality manual that way. Just pay close attention to ensure it makes sense, and one of the wire numbers wasn't changed in that ser no series.

    Not a clue on where to find a face place; there are a number of places who will make them for you, but I assume the initial set-up cost is probably prohibitive.


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      I have the actual original printed manual for my machine, a 74 model. The numbers may be easier to read. That might help.


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        I found the technical manual for the 330 A/BP online and I has much better drawing of my machine. Thanks for the offer and suggestions. I just need a better face plate now.


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          Where did you find the service manual? I'm impressed!


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            On another forum Minnesota Dave has it on his Dropbox.
            here is the link
            this is on a public forum so I assume it is ok to share.


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              Excellent. Thanks for the link. I used to be reasonably active over there but that site went down for a very long period of time and I haven't been back since it is back in business. Dave is a very knowledgeable guy.