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CO2 vs C75 : Cost

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  • CO2 vs C75 : Cost

    Would you expect the cost to refill a 20lb CO2 cylinder to be the same as the cost to refill a 150lb (S bottle) of C75?

    Sounds off to me. Just curious if this a common thing. Local supply offered to sell me a 20lb bottle of CO2 and the gas was $50 of the cost. Last week I filled an S bottle of C75 for $50.
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    I run the K (244cf) bottles. Co2 runs me about 30 bucks now c25 runs closer to a hundred bucks.


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      Because co2 liquefies, you get a whole lot more of it into the bottle. I don't remember the exact math, but at least with prices here, it's a whole lot cheaper.

      EDIT: Googled to check the numbers... each pound of co2 is a little over 8.7cf. A 20lb co2 bottle is around 175cf. I've never bought C75 retail (I have a tank of it I got used, and haven't used up yet), but from what I've heard, it's quite a bit more money for a fill than a co2 tank, and you need a big tank to get the same weld time.
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        Thanks guys.
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