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Head Gasket?

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  • Head Gasket?

    My Bobcat 250 is blowing oil and gas from the top area of the Kohler engine. Head Gasket?
    Help!! I need to do some repairs with it and I'm falling further behind..........
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    Valve cover gasket?...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Why dont you look and see where it is coming from?


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        Those are good suggestions and I have no explaination for not looking. I had it running at idle, doing my monthly starts and runs on my machines. I smelled burning oil and turned around and it was smoking and squirting oil and gas from under the top area of the Kohler engine. I'll go ahead and look for the cause. Thanks for the suggestions!
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          Could be any of those. Could be the blow by hose or that gasket. Head gasket and valve cover leaks oil down the side of the engine. So if it's on top its likely not either of those.