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Can I use my Co2 regulator on my new Argon tank?

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  • Can I use my Co2 regulator on my new Argon tank?

    Hi, I’m learning to do Tig welding and sold my mig millermatic180 For a Miller Diversion 180.
    I exchanged my CO2 mix tank for a pure argon tank.
    I kept my regulator because I’m not sure I could carry it over. It fits but is this ok to reuse? It says Co2/Ar on the regulator which means to me Co2/Argon mix for mig or pure Co2 OR Argon.

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    It's for use with argon or an argon mixture. The numbers are calibrated for the Ar/CO2 mix. Pure CO2 can often make them freeze up. I've lost two to that. But you need an adapter to mate them to a CO2 cylinder. So that's your big hint not to bother.
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      Great so look like it’s fine for my argon tank.


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          These charts may help.

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