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Spool is unraveling often

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  • Spool is unraveling often

    I have the multimatic 200, i was doing some trailer repairs today and the spool came unraveled twice, first time, wasnt to bad, i was able to hand tighten the wire back around the spool and continue working.. But the 2nd time, it almost all came undone and caused me to stop(lucky i was actually finished with the repairs)

    So how do you keep the spools from unwinding? Im using the small spools you can get at local hardware stores, not enough projects to pay for the full size spools.

    Any help would be great, since ill be building a secure box for the trailer soon and will need to get back up and running..

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    Tighten the nut at the end of the spool...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      So here's the thing, i cant find the original nut that came with it(im sure i have it somewhere) but at the moment im using a washer and nut, if i tighten it to much it wont spin and the gun wont feed. If i tighten it just enough to hold and spin, as the spool spins from the gun the nut comes undone and that is where my problem lies with this.


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        Use a locknut


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          As Kpack said, use a nylon insert locknut wingnut, and there should be a spring and some washers in there too.


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            Agree--sounds to me like the missing spring is a big part of the problem.


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              hub assembly