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hunting Miller part 110436

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  • hunting Miller part 110436

    This part is available but it’s stupid expensive. It’s just a cable with 4 pin plug on one end and a 14 pin plug on the other. I need it to power an old S-52e feeder I got. It’s over $200 on miller4less. I got the feeder for free. I don’t even know for sure if it works. The guy I got it from said it does....I’ve never heard that before....

    Was hoping one of you guys might have one laying around you’d be will to part with.

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    Shouldn't be too hard to make one if you can't find one. The 14 pin is about $30 from mouser (for the connector, backshell, and pins) and the 4 pin about $10 (again for connector, backshell, and pins), if I remember right, plus however many feet of any 4-conductor wire you want to use. The feeder manual even tells you which pins of the 14-pin connector it needs.

    Looking at the manual, it needs 115v on the 14-pin plug, and 115v contactor control. Not all modern welders provide this. You should make sure your welder will work with it before you get/build that cable.

    If you just want to test the wire feeder, pop it open and jumper mains to the fuse holder and any of the things on the neutral side.


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      I called miller earlier and gave them the serial number on my power source and Steve told me it would plug right in. I already have one feeder there, but I’d add a second if it makes sense to do it.

      I popped the cover off this S-52e and the motor control board had fallen out. So might be someone has been inside this and it doesn’t work. I ordered the tech manual, so maybe I can try that test you recommend. The socket on the feeder for that expensive cable is busted, but that part is less than $30.

      I actually think I might have a 14-pin plug.....I’ll have to go hunting.


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        If the socket is busted, and you're not buying the official cable, just hardwire a pigtail to the feeder...


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          If you can't find your 14 pin plug, they're cheap enough on ebay:

          Tried posting a link, but it wouldn't work. Just search 14 pin Miller. 17-18 bucks with free shipping.

          And I like the hardwired approach, too.
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            That’s an excellent idea....


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              That's why you come here.


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