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  • Diesel Miller Welder info

    I got this old single cylinder diesel welder a while ago. I need to sell it. It runs good.
    I am also trying to find the year of it.

    Any idea what it would be worth?

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    Need the welder serial number to get the year. That tag is the motor...Bob '73-'79 just as a guess
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    Bob Wright


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      Looks like it was in a sawmill or wood shop. Location? I am in at $200...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        What you can get for it is very dependent on where it is on this planet. I would take a look at what other used machines are going for in your area and use that as a benchmark.


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          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
          What you can get for it is very dependent on where it is on this planet...


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            JK558373 would be 1989.

            I had the gas version of that welder (aead-200le), welded great, but no CV and no AC power while in weld mode... it's the one I used before I got my bobcat.


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              I had a bluestar 2E. A few years older than that style. Same operating panel. I miss that machine. Welded great and was low cost. Mine had a 16hp Tecumseh gas motor.
              Sold mine a few years ago for $800 with factory cover and home made wheel cart, still in very good condition
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