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Syncrowave 351 and PC-300

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  • Syncrowave 351 and PC-300

    Attempting to learn to weld titanium with 1990s vintage Syncrowave 351 and pulse control PC-300. Am confused about settings.

    Can someone possibly give me some insight on the proper settings for welding .040 thickness 1” titanium tubing?

    My other settings are DCEN, HF start, 35cfh with 16 Pyrex cup with 1/16” 2% thoriated tungsten, .045 titanium rod. 19 second post flow.

    I was told to set it up at 40% max amperage of 180 amps, 10% background, 35% on time and 7 pulses per second.

    I’m having trouble getting a good bead profile and some trouble starting the arc.

    The only pulse info I can find these days are for the built in pulsers in the new inverter machines ( which I haven’t used yet ) rule of 33 etc. How different are things with these old 60 hertz transformer machines?

    I guess my questions are - I thought the 1 amp per 1/1000 rule applies to all metals - 180 amps seems high even if set at 40% max via pulse; why do you set it at 40% of max amps versus 100% when pulsing.

    Look forward to any tips on this. I have more questions on titanium but first I need to make sure I’m understanding how to work with the pulse control.


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    No replies in two days here, have you had any luck?


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      Setting the pulse control....
      why is pulse necessary?


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        Are you set up using a known method (.045 filler and .065 tungsten)
        Or is this what you have?


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          ....and done