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Won't stay idled up to weld miller 200le aead

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  • Won't stay idled up to weld miller 200le aead

    I'm working on a 83 miller 200le aead serial number JG033778.i replaced the idle solenoid.the machine runs fine it idles up then back down kicking up from time to time. Won't stay idled up to weld.i can idle it up by hand and it welds.any suggestions
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    Pull a wire off the idle solenoid. Does it stay in high? Yes. It could be the module. No, it's in the linkage or carburetor.
    It takes 12 VDC to idle down so if you eliminate that it should stay in high if your engine is running correctly.


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      My problem is that it won't stay idled up


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        Been a while since I worked on mine. I think the solenoid is energized to throttle up, so disconnecting power would make it always stay at the lower rpm. Does it stay at high rpm if you turn automatic idle off? If yes, then I'd check the module or the current transformer wiring, if not, then I'd look at the circuit breaker, weld/power switch, or the solenoid itself.