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Miller Dynasty 200DX digital readout

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  • Miller Dynasty 200DX digital readout

    I have had my Dynasty for over 10years and in the last year or so the digital readout and lights on the key pad flicker sometimes and completely go out which makes that you cannot adjust any of the settings.
    On power up of the issues.....within a minute of the machine started it up that is when it starts to flicker or go out and then sometimes no issues at all.
    Has anyone else had this issue??

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    Connection problem? Ground wire. Can't remember if it has a ribbon cable but 10 years of dirt, dust. If all else fails something on the display might be saturating and eventually go out.


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      I have cleaned it all out/blew with air and disconnected and reconnected any the the connector wires that go to the readout/set up pad.
      No change
      Has been plugged into the same plug since i got the machine


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        Open up and tighten the input plug wires


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          i have did that as well.
          I see when you look up the parts and search there has been an update on CIRCUIT CARD ASSY,CONTROL & INTERFACE W/PROGRAM.
          if they updated it there must have been some problems??


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            If it's not the connections, then it sounds like a board issue, either in the front panel board (PC3) or the power supply that feeds the front panel board (PC1). I would be checking the capacitors on the right (towards front of machine) side of PC1 or on PC3 for any signs of heat or bulging. It sounds like one of the two 5V circuits is the culprit, but check on the remote socket to make sure it isn't the 15V

            Edit: When you have the issue, check to see if you have voltage across sockets A and G or K (should be 15V DC). Also, check to see if you have between 0 and 10V between sockets C and D, based on your last panel amperage. Other checks after this are a bit sporty, depending on your experience and comfort level with electronics and/or voltages up to ~800VDC.
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              i found a ribbon cable that went to the display board.....i unplugged and cleaned it.....plugged it back in and seems to working no problem at the moment.