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Syncrowave 250DX Lift Arc Problem

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  • Syncrowave 250DX Lift Arc Problem

    I have a Syncrowave 250DX with the internal integrated water cooler.
    We just about exclusively weld S/S.
    We normally run TIG, remote amperage, remote output, HF start with a foot pedal for control. The welder works without issue.
    Recently we went to run it in lift arc mode like we have with other syncrowaves we have and it seems to go active as soon as you turn the output on, the others wait until you touch and lift the tungsten.
    Setting are TIG, panel amperage, output on, lift arc mode. As soon as the output is turned to "ON" the gas solenoid turns on and the output goes active.
    I have removed the cables from the dinse connectors and it still does the same thing.
    The unit S/N is LF440071L

    Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you ever find an answer? I'm having the same problem.