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Miller electric miniature welding helmet coin bank digital alarm clock 229522

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  • Miller electric miniature welding helmet coin bank digital alarm clock 229522

    Good morning all , I'm new to the forum and to TIG welding (about 5 months now). I recently discovered one of these mini welding helmets on-line: from what I understand , it is miller electrics 75th anniversary elite mini 29 Roadster pickup Elite series display helmet. Evidently there were a limited number of them produced (number unknown).

    I've started looking for one, new or used, and I thought this would be a great place to ask for assistance. I've included a link in case anyone's memory needs refreshing. This one was sold on ebay around 2005!

    If anyone here knows of someone who has one that may be for sale, I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks again, and I look forward to chatting / learning on this forum.
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    There was some on Millers store site a while back. Ebay might be your best bet...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Thank you Bob, I'll monitor those sites. I've tried onecraigs also ; it is craigs-list but capable of a national search. Best I can tell is that this item is around 20 yrs. old , so it will be a bit of a search! Thanks again Bob. Stefan


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        UPDATE: item found / search success!
        I posted a brief narrative and some pictures on the Miller "project Gallery" page. I think I really lucked out!
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          Added a link with the provided icon. Thank you.
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              Good find! Thanks for the update!