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    Long time reader, first time posting. I took a huge gamble a few years back and picked up a non-operational 2004 MM350 for $500 knowing that it might be a waste. First thing I had to do was get a proper power cord fitted to it, then the main breaker/contactor wouldn't flip, there's $200. Got the thing to power on and find that it only has 1.85 arc hours 1098 arc starts on it. To my knowledge this only resets if the board is replaced right? Wouldn't make sense to me for someone to replace a board on a 350 and not make it a 350P (says MM 350 when powered on indicating that pulse is either not installed or operational), but also doesn't make sense for such a machine to have so little time on it, especially with how nasty the nozzle that came with it is...and have a bad contactor. Anywho, I digress, it had a spool of flux core .035 with it (partly explains the nozzle) so I slapped it in, checked polarity, and fired it up to see if it would actually lay a bead even with the .030 rollers it had, which it did. Shut it down and hooked it up to argon, no dice, regulator leaking, line leaking, bad news. So, I put in an order to Miller for the .035/.045 flip rollers that it's supposed to come with ($20), then went to CyberWeld and ordered a new liner, diffuser, tips, nozzles, .035 VK rollers, gas hose, and opted for a flowmeter instead of a regulator ($370 + shipping). Last of everything came in yesterday and I got it all put on, flipped the polarity back, slapped in a spool of L-56 .035 I ordered online (surprisingly the only L-56 locally was .030) and flipped the switch. No gas leaks, all seems to be in good order, had to play with the settings a bit but threw down some decent welds on 1/8” flat I had laying around. All in all, my risk paid off and I'm into this machine less than $1500 if you count the new roll of wire and bottle of C25. This is my first personal MIG and more machine than I'll likely ever need, but go big or go home right?
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    You sure hit that one right! One of the best success stories ever! Welcome.


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      Good to hear, welcome to the forum!
      A FEW OF MY TOYS !!!

      MX Linux

      Miller Roughneck 2E
      Lincoln Weldpak 100
      Gianttech Arc 200
      Victor O/A


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        So far the only thing I don't like about it is that the machine is absolutely massive. Lol. Consumables aren't hard to come by through online sources, but none of the local shops carry anything for it. Is it because of the size of the machine?

        Also, since the Roughneck gun was discontinued and replaced by the Bernard BTB, should I be budgeting to change guns in the future? Or just run it until either a) something significant happens that requires replacing the whole thing or b) consumables become unavailable


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          That's an awesome deal! I still have a Roughneck too, no issues finding consumables for it, though I have a Fastip diffuser on it. If you want to run the Bernard Consumables, just get the right diffuser, contact tips, and nozzle for whichever Bernard Consumables you want to run. Here is the Bernard page that shows the consumables you would want to get.