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  • Mulitmatic 255 questions

    Looking at upgrading from the old style 211. Couple of things I wanna know about that I'm having trouble finding answers to.
    -Will my spoolmate 150 work with the 255 still?
    -Is there a smaller gun that will work with the 255? Not for full time use since it wouldn't be rated for as high of amps I'd assume, but I like the size of the 211 for some of the tighter repair and fab projects I do
    -Does the tig process have a post flow setting?
    -And most importantly is it possible to use some form of water cooled tig torch with the 255? I see stand alone water cooler units, and I know the hoses would reach the machine and a water cooler close by? Is that reasonable?
    Thanks in advance

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    No your spool gun won't work. You need a spoolmate 200, 15 or 30. I do not think there is post flow but i am not 100% sure. I am sure you could swap the torch for a WC up grade...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      If you haven't gone through the operator manual yet, it's probably worth going through it, especially pages 34-53. With how many settings are available for these machines, I think it would save a lot of frustration. Whichever spoolgun you use, you will still need to calibrate it to get the weld heat right. The Tig setup is on page 41 - post flow can be adjusted from 0 to 10 seconds. If you need more post flow, you'd have to use a manual valve torch. You can run a water cooled Tig torch, just be sure it has the right dinse adapter. The Lenco adapter for a water cooled Tig with your machine is the LDT-1820 (be sure NOT to get the LDTI-1820, which has a hole in the end of the dinse connector for inline gas feed). CK's version is the SLWHAT-35 (be sure NOT to get the SLWHAT-35M, which is the inline gas feed).

      Hope this helps,