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Miller pipe pro 400 Low Fuel Alarm

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  • Miller pipe pro 400 Low Fuel Alarm

    Hi guys, just wondering if there is a way to set the low fuel alram on a Pipe pro 400? my alarm goes off after 20L of consumption, my tank is 43 L. Is this what miller intended? im sure if its set after 30L/35L of consumption it would be fine, yes/no?
    Pipe Pro 400 Mitsubishi engine.

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    Does your gauge show full with a full tank....

    fuel sender in tank....28-33 ohms tank full..... 235-250 ohms tank empty .....
    Main control brd....RC5 4 & 5..... 0.33 volts DC (empty) to 3.3 volts DC (full)


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      It shows full tank when I fill up the tank, but when the low fuel alarm shuts the machine down the fuel guage is at the red dots meaning low...I assume even though there is still half a tank of fuel left.