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Miller 12VS feeding issue

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  • Miller 12VS feeding issue

    I have a 12VS feeder, with tregasses gun, LH42 s/n, I’ve put tons of wire through it, tried to use it yesterday and it would feed then stop and few minutes later it’d run again. And by feeding issue is the drive rolls will not activated by the trigger, the gun trigger is good, checked with DVM on ohms, opened it up, all LEDs are fine on the board, have 28.87v at the plug for the gun(tech manual say 24v) motor jogs fine from panel switch, gas valve opens and closes fine from panel switch. Since the board is incased in epoxy and no real test points, ideas??? Thx Railmen
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    wire off the trigger...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Railmen, Can you just jumper the trigger pins with a paper clip or piece of MIG wire and it stays running instead of using the gun trigger?

      Reason I ask is if the feeder motor board sees weld potential on one of the gun trigger wires it will shut off to try to protect the trigger signal.


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        Could be dirty trigger contacts or broken trigger wire somewhere along the gun. Start with pulling gun apart to inspect trigger contacts and clean them with fine sand paper. Check where wires attach to trigger, unplug and plug in a few times. You said you checked the circuit already but I would still manually inspect and clean first. What about jumping the female plug for gun on the feeder? Is it consistently working by doing that?
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