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    I have a multimatic 215 with the rfcs-rj45 foot pedal for tig I was wondering if anyone could tell me what wires I need from the plug for the pedal to wire up a button on the torch so I don’t have to use the pedal anymore

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    Assuming you are only going to use the front panel settings for current and only want an on/off button on the torch (not the easiest way to tig weld), you just connect your switch between pins 4 and 6 on the 15-pin connector. If you want to control current, you will need 5 wires and a variable resistor as well as a switch on the torch. There is a guy selling a "pressure sensitive" button for the torch; the harder you push, the higher the current. I don't have one, but several here do and really like them. I cannot remember the name of the company, but I imagine someone who does will see this and respond soon. Diagram below.

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