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    How many or you have one of these Tig Buttons? I just hooked mine up yesterday and really like it. easy plug n play took maybe 15 minutes to hook and run wires. I can see my foot pedal collecting dust, It didnt take long to get the hang of it, the button is sensitive but I think with a little practice it will be like using a pencil. Mine is hooked to my Syncrowave 250 dx

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    Yup i use them...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Yep. My corded and cordless pedals collect dust.
      Dynasty 400 wireless
      Coolmate 3.5
      Sw320 speedway
      Ck flex lock 230
      4 victor flow meters
      2 Flametech Duel flowmeters
      2 genuine miller torch buttons
      A$$ loads of tungsten
      XMT 350 CC/CV
      S74DX feeder
      Stick leads from here to China
      A30 Spool gun
      Langmuir crossfire hobby table
      Everlast powerplasma 100 w hypertherm torch
      Harris O/A
      Pet raccoon
      I'm just a peckerwood in the boonies with fancy welding equipment


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        do you wanna sell that cordless unit I'm in NorCal...


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          Grew up using the pedal.......sandwiched between my legs under a car......leaning on it inside a car...........or having someone outside modulating it..........Not sure you can teach this OLD DOG new tricks after 5 decades ..........especially after getting a new Miller 280 DX with a lightweight Remote pedal.........w / no cables WOW!


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            Originally posted by tarry99 View Post
            ...especially after getting a new Miller 280 DX with a lightweight Remote pedal.........w / no cables WOW!
            I sit at a bench mostly, even so l like the wireless pedal, although I am curious about the button
            West coast of Florida


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              There are few upgrades that I'm really excited about, but this Tig Button changed my world. I'm a boat builder and rarely at the bench. Tried a go at the on/off switch for anodized aluminum tubing but still had problems getting to the point where I really felt I had "mastered" it. Tried dragging the foot pedal around while in the boat, up the ladder, laying on the floor in the cabin..... having a "helper" regulate it (that was the real test of my patience) and then one day all that changed. I was on-line and found the "TIG BUTTON". I've never looked back or use any other control for my Syncrowave. I leave the button just loose enough on my torch handle that I can roll it left to right depending on my need with right hand or left hand.

              You will also get great service from this company. Dave has treated me more than fair!