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Dynasty 350 Issues

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  • Dynasty 350 Issues

    I have acquired a Dynasty 350 tig welder that may have bad circuit boards their is 2 IGBT modules mounted behind the main circuit board and one of those boxes is burnt up any advice of possible causes and how to confirm if circuit boards are good or not would be appreciated and does this usually agfect other parts of the machine
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    Burnt power modules is not a good sign. Those power modules are proprietary and the right one has components from both the boost PFC circuit and the inverter circuit. That is a costly repair that Miller sells as a package with a new pair of power mods and interconnect board if I remembering correctly. It could have been either caused by or also caused the capacitors to go as well (any signs of blisters or dried fluid on the capacitors?). The pre-power checks listed in the technical manual will help you figure out if anything on the main pcb (possible) or interconnect board (probable) also failed.


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      You bought a parts machine not worth fixing.