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Hooking a suitcase feeder 12RC to xmt 304

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  • Hooking a suitcase feeder 12RC to xmt 304

    i just bought a suitcase feeder 12rc. previous owner changed the 14pin plug to a 24pin plug. i need to change back to 14pin to connect to my xmt 304. i have a control cable with 14pin connector. the cable has 5 wires and the connector has 5 pins marked A B C D E.
    the feeder 12rc has two plugs internally. one female 6 pin plug and one female 3 pin plug. i have a schematic for the feeder.
    the wires feeding the internal plugs are 5,67,68, 69, there is also a 38 and a couple numbers i couldn't read.
    which wires from the feeder plugs go to the five wires of the 14 pin control cable?

    thank you in advance

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    Lectrician, what is your suitcase serial number? It sounds like you have a remote amperage cable (5 conductor) that you're trying to use with the 12RC, which needs 8 conductors. Take a look at section 4-4 of the operator manual. The reason for the extra three conductors (did you get this cable from a tig pedal or something?) is the 12RC pulls 24VAC from the remote receptacle (pin G is an extra contact you need to power the 12RC), as well as the 12RC pulls weld amperage and voltage from the XMT (pins F and H) to display at the suitcase. I would look at two options - either buy an 18/3 portable power cord and solder to your three additional pins (F,G,H), or buy an 18/8 cord and connect all of the pins. From the manual I am reading-

    A -> RC21-1 (#5) 24VAC when measured from AC circuit common G
    G -> RC21-2 (#4) AC circuit common for 24VAC
    B -> RC21-3 (#37) Contact closure to A completes AC contact control circuit and triggers XMT to energize output
    E -> RC21-4 (#68) Voltage reference signal to the XMT
    D -> RC21-5 (#69) Voltage reference common from XMT
    C -> RC21-6 (#67) +10V from XMT for Voltage reference circuit
    There should be a jumper (#69) from RC21-5 to RC42-1
    H -> RC42-2 (#95) Voltage feedback from XMT for display on 12RC
    F -> RC42-3 ( #97) Amperage feedback from XMT for display on 12RC

    Please confirm this is what you see as well in the electrical diagram and section 4-4 of the manual.
    Hope this helps,


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      Thanks Jon , yes indeed i was attempting to use a tig cord with only 5 conductors so i guess i will have to get another cord and plug. my serial is LF066954 . in section 4-2 of my manual it shows the 14pin connector with 8 pins being used A through F. previous owners 24pin plug has 8 pins being used also. the old wire is too short to reuse so i will get a new wire and new plug. I'll keep you posted on my progress


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        Sounds good. Section 4-2 should also show leads to pins G and H. G is definitely needed, or your feeder won't have the 24VAC power required to run. F and H could be optional (if you don't have the digital display), though I wouldn't put money on that without calling Miller Tech.



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          Yes. The 12rc pulls 24v through the remote plug. This is much like the 22a bench feeder.
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