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Bobcat 225 surge at idle

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  • Bobcat 225 surge at idle

    I’ve got a bobcat 225nt, with kohler engine. Used it yesterday and ran perfect, today it’s surging at idle, but perfect under load. Any ideas?
    Has new plugs, new fuel and air filter.

    Edit:... scratch this. I got to thinking about it, and remembered the guy I bought welder from said he cleaned carb. Only has 290 hrs and it’s a 04 model. So I pulled the carb off, and he must have just sprayed some carb cleaner down the throat, because it was filthy. Pilot was the problem. Give it a real good cleaning, and it’s back to purring.
    Guess it ran fine under load because it would be running off the main jet, where at idle it’s running off the pilot .
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