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trailblazer 302 gas brush holder problem

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  • trailblazer 302 gas brush holder problem

    had issue with no low idle and no weld output. I cleaned the slip rings it started to weld and idle down normal. Decided to put a new brush holder in it since the covers are off and everything is easy to get toon the weld output side. I seated the new brushes with an armature stone lightly I might add. Now nothing works, no weld output not 120v or 240 v output. What might I have done? the brush holder wires are connected correctly. no lose connections that I see. machine has only 200 hrs. hardly ever gets used.

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    bump? nothing? is there a fuse that may have blown? at least what powers up the board? where does the exciter slip ring gets it power from?


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      Check continuity of every connection you touched and recheck that all connection are where they were previously.Both that there is continuity where there should be and no continuity where there shouldn't be.


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        per the tech manual for the 302 we followed the flow chart for troubleshooting and ended up with the following: Had 15v at plug 21 pins 1 and 5 likely a problem with voltage feedback (V24) wires 30 and 37 to PC2 RC12 pins 1 and3. Of course wires 30 and 37 had continuity. flow chart for troubleshooting ends here. Where do we go now? thanks