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TB 325 Battery charger problems

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  • TB 325 Battery charger problems

    I have a TB 325 w/ Excel Power and The Battery charger/Boost option. Recently every time i tried to use the battery charger.. It has a delay and "reset" comes on panel display. My display jumps all around like it sensing a load, even though i don't have the charging cables plugged in. It welds fine (but amp display is erratic and my AC power is fine. I was given a new circuit board (PC2 part# 249557) from Miller, but did not fix problem. Now my machine is out of warranty. Looking at parts manual I see there is another circuit board, but they are expensive. Don't mind paying if i knew it would fix it. I love this welder and on the ranch the battery charge feature is great, But not so great when it doesn't work. Any help out there?

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    What no response from anybody? not even any Miller reps? The machine only has 250 hours on it. Been Blue for 30 years, maybe time for a change. I'm on an island and i just can't take it to a service center. It is expensive to send to Honolulu. (only authorized service center within 2000 miles) I've had to send it there twice. both for warranty issues. Last time i got it back it only lasted about 20 hrs welding before it started acting up. Then they said my warranty was up. Maybe not as dependable as older miller welders
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      Miller reps don't show up here very often. There are a couple of guys who may be familiar with your machine but I'm not one of 'em. Hope they see this and respond.


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        Sorry, but I dont have an answer for you. I hope you get your machine fixed soon.
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