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New TB 325 vs Used Big Blue questions

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  • New TB 325 vs Used Big Blue questions

    I am shopping for a new or new to me engine drive welder/generator.
    One of my 'requirements' being 12kw (peak) 'clean' power to be able to power an inverter tig (Dynasty 210 or similar) when needed as well as having a backup generator for the house or camp/jobsite power when needed.
    As for my welding uses I would manly fit into the 'hobby' category these days building BBQ pits, fences and fixing things around the ranch so would not be putting large #s of hours on the machine, and certainly not continual all day high amp pipelining or anything like that.
    I would love to have a diesel powered machine simply because most all of my equipment is diesel and I like the longevity of diesel but it is certainly not a requirement.

    I read somewhere that the newer Big Blue machines are basically a generator running a built in XMT. If that is the case I would tend to think that they would have clean enough and sufficient enough power for any other inverter machine I might want to plug into it.

    I can find used Big Blue machined priced similarly to new Trailblazers (actually even a bit less).
    My question is basically what year models of which machines do I need to be looking at and for my uses are there any real benefits to getting a used BB over a new TB?

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    Anybody help me out here???


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      Wish I could, but I have no knowledge of the details of those machines.


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        I would call or email miller with your questions and see what they have to say.


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          The big blue and trailblazer are different class machines. The big blue is a class above the trailblazer.
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