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Millermatic 220. Water Cooled Torch Options?

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  • Millermatic 220. Water Cooled Torch Options?

    Recently sold my Miller Synchrowave 180SD, and my Millermatic 211, and replaced the 2 with a new Multimatic 220 today! I recently welded with my friends Lincoln rig with a water cooled torch and gas lens and I want that! I am comfortable building the cooling unit, but am wondering if I am on the right path with my Torch and gas lens picks:

    Any thoughts? And if these will work, what is the name of that fitting on the water lines? I will need to buy the female ones to build my cooling unit. Thanks for any help!

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    Check this site, though most any should carry it. What you need in addition to a gas lens and water cooled torch is a water cooled Tig torch adapter that connects to a Dinse 25 inline gas fitting. CK is the only one I know that carries the right adapter (CK slwhat-25)


    The water line fittings are 5/8-18LH. Depending on what you're making for a water cooler (I still occasionally use a line connected to my water spigot), you should be able to find the fitting that goes from 5/8-18LH to whatever barbed size you need.

    Hope this helps,
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      Ck world wide torch is better and cheaper. Otherwise yes that is the right torch. Maybe you can get one with the dinse connector built in I think? I just have one of those power block adapters. Also you cant build a cooler for what an everlast one costs.

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        Interesting. I assumed the water cooled torches would have 1 standard line like an air cooled torch, then a simple water feed and return line. The link from jjohn has 4 total connections. I may need to do more reading. I literally though one line would go to my unit like stock, and the 2 water lines would just go to my water cooler unit. Also, I will look into that Everlast unit. PC cooling parts are so cheap, I thought it would be crazy easy and cheap to just make my own, plus it gives me a project! Lol! Thanks for the help!


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          Sorry about that, I thought I grabbed the link with the inline gas fitting. Here's direct from ck worldwide. It's the bottom one, should be the slwhat-25M. If you call them, they'll get you the right setup. The reason for so many lines is your power line is kept cool by the return water, where your air cooled torch has the argon flow through the power line. So that dinse connector doesn't go directly through.


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            Thank you! That looks more like what I was pictureing. I figured out that the power line would be cooled after I saw the other adapter, but didn't see how it would work for my machine. This style you posted now looks like what I need I think. I will email them and see if they can set me up. Thanks!

            Edit: It looks to me that if I order this:

            And this:


            ​​​all I would need to do is find the 2 water line connectors to build my cooler (or just buy a cooler). See anything wrong here? Thanks!
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              You could probably do better with CK stuff. TigDepot's prices are the cheapest I could find when looking for a Tig.

              Here's the connector:

              Here are the water cooled torches. The CK2025SF is the 200 amp torch for your machine, you can either get it with a flexible head (FX) or rigid head. With the price of the weldcraft, you're very close to the FlexLoc, with a rotating head. I don't have one, but they seem very popular.


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                That connector looks like it won't work as I have a through Dinse gas feed now. We were looking at that one a few posts back. But the one I posted in my last post looks like it has all the proper connections for my set up. It takes the gas from the Dinse, and makes it exit a hose at the connector to go to the new water cooled torch gas hose. I could be wrong on all of this, I am just going by what makes sense the way I am looking at it. I am new to all the water cooled stuff. I had my last machine (Miller 180sd Synchrowave) for 12+ years, but pretty much always ran it with a standard stock or equivalent WP-17 style torch. I don't know if I have access to an internal gas connection to bypass running the gas through the Dinse though. Just got the machine yesterday, and haven't even plugged 'er in yet.
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                  Shoot, did I link the wrong one? I pulled it up at some point. Anyways, if you search that site for SLWHAT-25M, you should see the right connector (water cooled gas through dinse 25). I also forgot to link the torch page... The CK torches are great, and you can get a FlexLoc torch for about what you would spend on the weldcraft.

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                    That last link went to a whole page of items. But I found this there, is this what you are thinking?:


                    Also, when I search "SLWHAT-25M" at the Tig Depot site it comes up with the picture of the one I think is wrong, but with that part number, which I think is right... But that same part number pulls up the picture of the wrong one, and the right one depending on where you go. My Amazon link from a few posts up shows that part number, but has the pic of the one I think I actually need. Very confusing, lol!
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                      The tig torch type is up to you. I still only have rigid head Tig torches, but I have heard from a lot of folks who like the flexible head or the FlexLocs (the head rotates so you can adjust it to get into whatever spot you need).


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                        Originally posted by jjohn76 View Post
                        The tig torch type is up to you. I still only have rigid head Tig torches, but I have heard from a lot of folks who like the flexible head or the FlexLocs (the head rotates so you can adjust it to get into whatever spot you need).
                        I've used mostly the rigid but years ago had a flex lok, its a unique torch for sure.

                        Also the CK torches are 100% duty cycle AC and DC
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