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Can hook an SGA 100 And a SPOOLMATE 185 to an Xmt 304 cc/cv?

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  • Can hook an SGA 100 And a SPOOLMATE 185 to an Xmt 304 cc/cv?

    I have an XMT 304 cc/cv and wondering in I can hook up a spoolmate 185 with an SGA 100
    if so I would have to connect the sga100 to the 14 pin connector receptacle on the Xmt. Which contacts do I hook it to? Thanks

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    The contactor wires would go to pins A and B. If you wanted to change the plug for a permanent change, HTP sells them for about $18 - just search Miller 14-pin on eBay. If you want to ditch the power outlet plug, you can wire the black (hot) lead to pin I, white (neutral) lead to pin G, and green lead (earth ground) to pin K.


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      Thank you jJohn. Again you have been very helpful. I will keep you informed of how it works after I hook it up


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        Sounds good. Guessing the XMT is back up and running?


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          Yes XMT is running.Thank you for the board! Now my sga100 is plugged into the wall 120v, spool gun is hooked up, there is a two pin plug coming out the back of the sga100 that supplies 115v ac when the spool gun trigger is pressed. i press the spool gun trigger, the spool feeds, the gas valve opens, and 115v ac turns on in the two pin plug. On my owners manual for the xmt304, says that pin A and B is 24v output, I and J is 115v output coming from the 14pin connector socket on the front of the xmt. Which pins on the 14pin socket go to the 115v wires coming out of the sga100? i know you said A and B but i am just double checking. Seems like pressing the spool gun trigger should send 115v back to the xmt to energize a contactor that turns on the weld circuit. Thanks


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            Something doesn't seem right. Are you trying to connect the contactor control cord or the interconnecting cord to the XMT 304? You should be able to just connect SGA leads 7 and 9 (pins RC3-1 and RC3-2 on connector RC-3) to XMT pins A and B. Pin A provides 24V AC referenced from pin G, and you usually have an external switch (foot pedal) or relay (CR1 is normally open between lines 7 and 9 in your SGA, but closes when you press the trigger) that connects A to B, which triggers the XMT. Putting 115V across pins J and K triggers the XMT, but that is usually performed by an external switch closing between I and J. I think the wires you pulled are for powering an external contactor in the case your welder didn't have contact control (one example is a Bobcat, but a lot of CC stick welders don't have contact control).
            Hope this helps,
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              Lectrician, use the two wire terminal on the front of the SGA. It looks like two parallel male spade connectors.about.3/16" apart. These should be open when the trigger is not pressed, shorted/closed when it is. These terminals should connect to sockets A and B (or I and J will do the same, but A and B are at a lesser voltage and don't carry much current).

              Update: just attached a photo. The older SGAs have the position of the input and output triggers swapped, but just follow the connectors. In the pictures below, the two pin connector leads should go to A and B in the XMT.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	mil043856_3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	153.3 KB ID:	606157
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