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Trailblazer 302 hig idle and sporatic welding output

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  • Trailblazer 302 hig idle and sporatic welding output

    2005 trailblazer with only 200hrs and its doing the "not return to low idle". It also will not weld unless you mess with it by continually striking an arc in ac mode about 50 times then it welds fine until you turn it off and then you have to mess with it again. I noticed the amperage led is only reading 8-10 amps and the voltage show 67v when it decides to weld. When the amperage led is working and displaying say 85 amps( or where I set it to) then it will not weld. The ac outlets work on both 240 and 120v regardless of what else is going on. Im assuming its the board or boards. The idle solenoid is working fine with an external voltage supply and all connections show continuity. no broken wires from switch to board and to solenoid. Where can I find the board and what do they cost? Yes I did jump start it about 5 years ago and it ran fine what few times I have used it after that. I mainly use it for a generator after storms knock out the electricity but I need a portable welder on occasion too. thanks
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    I have questions. What is the OCV in DC mode? What is the OCV in AC mode? Where's your start switch?