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Surging wire feed Miller 212

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  • Surging wire feed Miller 212

    the wire on the machine started surging, change the tip, tighten the pulling wheel nothing would stop it from doing that on a new role, looked like one side was very tight, kept rolling it out and cutting it until it got to center and the closer it got to the drive side then it would smooth out, went to the dealer he started about how I need to change this and that and the machine might have to come in for repairs, said man that can't be right, figured he was lying so I went to another dealer about 50 miles away and explained to him what it was doing, right off he said it is the role of wire, he said that they have seen the delivery drive drop the roll on the floor and he said those will always do that, I showed him what I had and he said that's it, he gave me a new roll and it worked fine, went back to where I bought the originally roll and his response that cannot be the problem, I just told him, man just tell the truth, needless to say I won't be going back there ever, I have two several cylinders and am still a rod burner, so the other guy wins.

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    Lost your business over one roll of wire. Must be nice to not need customers so bad you’re willing to throw them out with the bath water.


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      I have seen large spools of wire roll off a work bench, get beat back into some shape and work well. Glad you got it going. And some dealers/salespeople have never struck an arc so they wouldn't have a clue. True...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        I'll bet you also learned to have a backup spool of wire in your shop! Just having it available to test would have saved the whole two trips to service centers.

        Another way to test would have been to release the drive rolls and just pull the wire through the gun lead (without contact tip) while watching it come off the spool.

        Sometimes, it's not a dropped or damaged roll, but just not noticing, and getting it crossed on your own while loading it, especially if you accidentally let go of the free end and a few coils pop off and you try to put them back.

        The smaller the roll, the more this tries to happen. I'm guessing this was a 4" spool?


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          I’ve had some similar trouble with spool gun wire like that.


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            Here's one more thing to watch for...

            The wire on my first mig machine would "stutter," instead of driving the wire steadily. After a series of troubleshooting, as to why, I finally arrived at the cause. The paper label on the side of the spool was interfering with the spool tensioner, resulting in the stutter. Since I reload the same smaller spool with wire off of a large spool, the problem has never recurred.


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              Thanks fellows for the comments, guess he tough he would get him some Holiday cash because I always pay cash when I would do business there, then return the machine with a new roll or wire that he would have said that I dropped or let bird nest, those days are done, what a shame that people do that, they don't need customers to return I guess.


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                It’s dishonest at worst, incompetent in the least. I’m dealing with a flex shaft motor that shorted out. It was clearly assembled sloppily because one of the wires was pinched between the field and the housing, which just so happens to be the exact place the wire burst through its protective coating and shorted the field. Their response was “yup, that’s exactly where the short was, like you said, pinched wire between the field and housing. Parts are unavailable so you’ll have to buy the new model.” Not, “Looks like our people put this one together carelessly, but don’t worry Mr. Jones, we’ll take care of our good customer....”

                That’s the last thing I buy from them. Ever.

                So I’m with ya Joe, and I have a long memory.


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                  Guys I did try all of those things we only talking a few moving parts here, even pulling it by hand same things bind then let go, I will say again the closer from center to the machine drive lug it was smooth, just how much wire do you want to pull and cut to get the same results, the fellow at the second shop took one look and said what it was, course he has only been there 35 years before the big boys bought out a good run business, Ryan, the first bunch have the plants in Westlake they don't need peanuts when they when they sold the plasma cutter, wire feed, spool gun and four bottles with the O & A and rental of them, I was a great guy they seemed professional but guess they have bosses and the follow the big money, they better hope that last for ever cause this one that will never go there, will change to someone else if I must.