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Looking for 200 LE part

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  • Looking for 200 LE part

    Looking for a solinoid for my Miller 200 LE. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

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    Are you referring to the starter solenoid for the electric start?

    Are you able to access the part and get a number off of it?

    I'm betting it's a common part used in lots of applications. You might even find one (or similar enough) at your local auto parts store.


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      If you don't already have a manual, you can download one off this site. Then look up the solenoid you need, in the parts diagram, and start searching. Like Mac said, if it's a somewhat generic solenoid, you might be able to find one at an auto parts place, electric supply house, internet, etc. If it's exclusive to Miller machines, there's and other welding supply places. Shouldn't be difficult to find what you need. Good luck!


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        And if the part number is discontinued, you can call miller and they usually have an updated part for your application.


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          Ok, sorry my mistake, I wasn't more spacific, I meant the solinoid that kicks up the throttle when you start welding.