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    It's been a while. Update. I haven't been able to work on this but 2 days (weather). I had started to get it going and have a new problem. I can't get enough power to the machine. 100 amp is all I can get to it. Will run set to 300amps not enough near the flange. Someone mentioned using a spool gun to do this. Any idea if my syncrowave 300 will run a spool gun and if so what size I would need (amps). The main beam is 3/8 and the flange is 1 inch. Would I need a suitcase to run it or is my machine not compatible? I will call Miller tomorrow was just hoping for some insight so my ignorance on it doesn't show to much. Thanks again for the help.


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      I’ve never run on 1” aluminum with a spool gun, but the 3/8 is no problem. On something like that, I prefer 3/64 5356 wire. Maybe some others have some more experience. Preheat will go along way on the heavier stuff too.

      To run 300 amps on a tig torch, I hope it’s water cooled. Can’t imagine you’d get far before the torch turned into molten lava.

      If you’re not set up to make these repairs then you should take the steps to be set up or get someone who is to help you. Don’t just wing it.

      I think by prepping those welds really well you could do this properly.


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        Ryan it is water cooled. I just dont know if I can hook up a spool gun to it.


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          Originally posted by Redbone15367 View Post
          Ryan it is water cooled. I just dont know if I can hook up a spool gun to it.
          I don't think you can hook a spool gun to that machine...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            It might be possible but probably not optimal.This from here:

            WC-115A Weld Control
            #137 546 Without contactor
            #137 546-01-1 With contactor
            This control operates on 115 VAC, and is
            designed primarily for CC DC power sources.
            It can also be used with CV power sources
            or DC engine drives supplying 115 VAC.
            When used with a CC source, the control
            circuit functions in a voltage-sensing mode.
            When used with a CV source, it functions
            as a constant-speed circuit.


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              Are you buying a Spoolgun setup for it, or adapting one you already havr? I have seen folks use the older Spoolmatic 1 with the WC-1 weld controllers on Syncrowaves. The WC-115A would work with the Spoolmatic 30A, with the trigger wires from the box going to pins A and B on your remote receptacle, then power from the wall. The Cobramatics I have used (both the spoolgun and the cabinet) have a posa-start control that sets the run-in speed for better starting on CC welders. Just some options whether you're looking for new or used.

              Are you using preheat?