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Spectrum 375 X amp problem

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  • Spectrum 375 X amp problem

    My 375, which had been working just fine, will now only cut about 1/16" mild steel, even though it is connected to 240 and all other conditions, like ground and air pressure, are good. It also doesn't seem to make any difference what the amp setting is.

    Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you give me the serial number I can be more accurate, but if it is the one I think you are talking about, we would need to measure the output command signal from the front panel board to the control board. This is usually a 0-5 VDC signal.


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      its usually a bit of moisture in the gun. What i do is take out and run the electrode and it's tip on some concrete. usually fires right up. as well don't crank the nozzle on too tight.