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  • scp200c

    I have an older SCP200c that has the old style selenium rectifier. does anyone have a scp200c that I could compare some values with either the old selenium rectifier or the newer diodes. My no load voltage appears to be bang on with the dial about 45-48 V max but when welding max I can get is about 21-22v I have checked the outputs from the transformers they appear to be OK they are exactly the same I have checked the 10 capacitors all are around 5800UF. I am wondering if the old selenium rectifier is just eating up my output loaded voltage. The welder just appears lazy my miller 180 is very crisp to weld with the scp200c is not the same I am aware as the old style rectifiers age they produce a lower output voltage and I think this may be my problem. I could build a newer style diode system if it can be proven that this is the problem. I would like to find someone with the same welder to see what their output voltages drop to from open circuit to loaded when welding Thanks for the help and info