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Bobcat 250D bogs down after running for a while

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  • Bobcat 250D bogs down after running for a while

    I've got a Bobcat 250 Diesel with the Kubota enigne that's new to me. When I checked it out before buying, I burned several 7018 rods welding 1/4" material and it ran great. I've been using it a little bit since then with 6011 doing some farm repairs and it's bogging down on my. It'll start out fine and runs great but after it's fully warmed up, if I strike and arc and keep going it will bog down as it tries to idle up. If I scratch the arc and let it throttle up fully before striking it and welding, it will bog down and the arc is not as hot as it was when I first started the machine up. I'm going to change the fuel filter, although the guy I got it from said the filter was new but, I'm wondering if anyone has anything else that they would suggest checking as well.

    I appreciate any help offered.

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    Sounds like a fuel problem. It has a water separator that almost never gets changed. I've seen those completely collapse and starve the engine. You need to check the fuel for diesel scum and water. Air filter will starve it also.