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Miller XMT 456 HEL P-6 Troubleshooting

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  • Miller XMT 456 HEL P-6 Troubleshooting

    Machine was welding great, then we heard a pop and I was told it smelt burnt, and smoke was coming out of the machine and it displayed HEL P-6 on the readout. It's currently wired for 460V, I tested the line voltage and was getting about 481V. I took the cover off the machine and the board on top (Assembly 188811) had a fried resistor and some of the components around the resistor were also damaged. I found a replacement board (240610) for relatively cheap, but I called Miller Tech Support just to get their advice, and the guy I talked to said in his experience, it's USUALLY a bad IGBT or some other component that causes the board to fail. It's an older machine (KK Serial number), but if replacing the board is all that is needed to fix it, I'm all over that, but obviously I don't want to pay for new IGBT's if those are bad, I would rather just scrap the machine and move on. Hoping to get some insight or other opinions/experience on if this type of failure sounds typical for bad IGBT's or just the board going bad.

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    If it was a loud pop, it was probably more than just the board. If it was an IGBT, the burnt components are probably part of the igbt gate drive circuit.


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      For what it's worth to anyone who is interested, I took the IGBT's off and really couldn't figure out how to test them. I found a video on Google but my results were not consistent with the video. So I took my chances and just put the new board in and all is working great now.