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Trailblazer trouble shooting.

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  • Trailblazer trouble shooting.

    Hello, I posted up a little while ago about a trailblazer 250g that I was looking at. I bought it today for $200. It has the Onan performer 20 engine on it. Runs great, high low idle both work. But the machine makes no power to the outlets or leads. He said it was a bad armature ( I don’t believe that’s what’s wrong with it), but he told me he was using it one day and it worked great the next day he started it up and it made no power at all. I’m about to start looking for the culprit tomorrow, starting with fuses, brushes and slip rings. I’m not super familiar with these machines, so if anyone has any other places I should check or advice it’s much appreciated. I’ll post up the serial number tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

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    That engine alone is worth more than $200.


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      you have some circuit breakers to test ohm out the rotor if they all test good you should ohm out the stator my guess is you have a bad stator.


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        Alright, is there a certain method used to test the stator?


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          Armature is easy to check. Get a meter and do an ohm test across the slip rings. From the center ring you should read 13 ohms on one ring and 30 ohms on the other. Check your brushes if the rotor is good. Not having either powers is not a real good sign. In you other thread I said I may have a rotor if yours is bad. Check it out first.


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            Also mark and remove the brush wires... measure ohms from any slip ring to frame (should be high (megs) or infinite).... and double check measurements in post #5 from brush terminals.

            Testing the stator will be a little harder... looks like there could be 7 windings.
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