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  • Miller Trailblazer 251 Start Assist

    I have a 1997 Trailblazer 251, which, as I'm sure most of you know, has CV mode for wire feed. My question is can I use my machine in CV mode to charge and/or jump-start a car? I saw that the newer machines are able to do that. It'd take some care to not over-volt the target vehicle, but I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work, if I keep a close eye on the voltage. What do y'all think?

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    Probably not what your looking for, it's about jumping a miller machine from a car. In this old comment #7, Cruizer says not to jump anything with a miller.
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      The people in that other thread seem to be talking about using the Miller's battery to jump start another vehicle, or for the welding machine to receive jump starting assistance. I'm talking about using the welding leads in CV mode, at around 14 volts, connected to the target vehicle.


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        I'm going to offer my advice. If you can afford to fix it you can afford to fudge it. Really, -40 things are frozen, life or death, if it don't work you can say you tried. -40 the F350 the 2019 F350 don't crank you think sensitive electronics and call triple A. That beat up Mac truck needs a boost, you want to get creative rather then carrying batteries across the field, it should work.

        I think Joe average would take the suggestion you could, have it fail and look for someone to sue. Maybe just buy a charger and a longer cord, it could be cheaper after all? And remember to turn down the WFS. Lol...was I being serious?


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          Two products I don't ever run out of based on personal experiences. and When temps fall below zero Motorkote allows the engines in my outside kept trucks to turn over like it was springtime, where before, they turned over slow, and their starters would growl like a fat boys stomach getting close to supper time.

          Corrosionx I have used going on twenty years on all my guns, tools, truck's door, hood, tailgate hinges, and hood latches and where I would ussually use WD 40, I always buy their 16 oz spritzer size bottles. Both products are off the shelf products I believe in and not some home brew bullsyt that could eat the paint off a vehicle and ruin seals.


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            I have done it a good handful of times with my 251. I never paid much attention to which mode I was in, just turned down the dial, and hook it up. I never had an issue. I admit to being nervous the first time.