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Black Friday sale on welders

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  • Black Friday sale on welders

    I note the company that makes decent red welding machines primarily in Italy (NOT LinKoon) is running a sale till 15 December.

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    if i had seen the deal on the 330 mpx i would have gone that route. 1099 rebate. the only minor detail missing is a see through gate to cover the display screen. miller gave a 700 dollar rebate for the trailblazer purchase. they are also offering a wc 24 and 30a spool gun with purchase. you can choose one or the other.

    baker's gas has a pretty good review of the machine on you tube.

    in addition to the 700.00 miller is giving 50 ft # 2 cable with stinger and 50 ft # 2 cable with ground clamp and lug.
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      At this late point in my life, the only machine I would like to have is the 160 fusion, it's got everything I need and more.