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50 ton press build

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  • 50 ton press build

    The press is one of the first projects I built after my shop was built. The cylinder travels all the way across the press. it's been a great friend for helping do many different kinds of jobs. I can easily raise and lower the platen with a come-along. I have HF moving blankets for safety the cylinder is a two speed, it works great I bought it from Carolina's parts store for around $250, all the steel came from a salvage yard, It bought four sticks of 1 X 5 X 82" for the legs, and 24' of 7" heavy channel iron for $240. The highest I've had to take the press was 18 thousand lbs to push a mower deck spindle out of it housing, it sounded like a cannon went off when it let go. I keep an old wheel barrel full of sand to put under the cylinder for safety.
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    Nice Job !!


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      Originally posted by Morales1 View Post
      Nice Job !!
      Thank you Morales.


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        Tack what size pins have you got indexing the bed to the frame?

        I can tell you rom experience a single set of 3/4 pins will take a hurting at 37,000 pounds. The shear loading on the 2 pins begins to show at that point.

        I thought you were switching that machine over to a boat hoist and some garage door pullys for the height adjustment a few years back.


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          The pinholes are 1 1/16, as for the lifting apparatus it was to much work, I moved the cylinder out of the way and hung my come-along on a steel rod, it works so well I never saw the need to make more work for myself.

          I have been thinking I all I need to do is buy some 1 1/16 square headed bolts for the platen to rest on and not bother with pins, there is no slop between the platen and the legs to allow the platen to fall off.the bolt heads, it such a tight fit paint gets scraped off the legs .
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