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Trailblazer 250 armature replacement

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  • Trailblazer 250 armature replacement

    I’m looking to buy a trailblazer 250 that’s local. The guy retired and he offered to sell it to my for $200. The only issue is the armature is bad. How hard is it to replace if possible or should I pass on it? Thanks in advance.

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    I'd think long and hard about that deal. sounds like work. sound like more money required.
    And three, while a firm believer that you can do it, have you got the time?

    I don't think it would be that hard to do actually, but if I weighed out the condition it was it, what it's going to cost further, my time to rip it apart, spread it out, clean and repair the broken, Thinking about it I'd probably pass.

    So don't think about it, just buy it. If you don't think about it you'll be fine. Easy peezy.


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      Big question is why is the "armature" bad considering the machine don't have an armature.


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        From my experience, replacing an armature itself is not too awfully difficult, it’s just expensive. The part itself is probably pretty expensive and having it rebuilt will likely be about half that much.

        Just for reference, a few months ago I was asked by a guy on here to check and see how much a local outfit would charge to rewind his Miller armature. I don’t remember the specs outside it was a three phase machine and he had been quoted in the ballpark of $3k. I asked the guy that does that sort of work for me, especially since the quote seemed quite a bit high for what I would’ve expected and he told me he only does Lincoln and is not surprised at all by the quote for that much money on a miller armature.

        I would say that you should look around and see if that part is available or repairable for a fair price before you dump the money on it.


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          Rotor, armature, I think we can figure out what part you’re talking about. Try these guys for info, they’ve done a little work for me in the past:

          You might be able to find a local shop that can do it, but those outfits are becoming harder and harder to find.

          What part of the world are you in?


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            Just because the guy said the Armature/Rotor is bad, doesn't mean it's not repairable. it might even be something less expensive to fix, I would first clean it up and send the Armature to a shop to have it checked out and see what they say. $200 is chump change, you win some, you lose some. I would take a calculated guess and go for it if the rest of the machine looks like it was maintained. Try and talk him down, tell him what it's going to cost to get a new armature.



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              I have (4) used 3 ring armatures. Not sure which one fits the Trailblazer 350G. I guess that's your machine? Only one has a tag on it and it says it's for a Trailblazer NT. I'm sure you know the rotor is obsolete. If you even think about it take a picture of the rotor and I'll see if I have a match.


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                Hello guys, sorry for the late response. Life’s gotten in the way of things. It’s a trailblazer 250nt. It has auxiliary power but no weld out put. Could be as simple as a bad fuse, but he said it was a bad armature.


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                  Hope you get lucky on it.