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Maximum Length Of Miller 14 Pin Connector?

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  • Maximum Length Of Miller 14 Pin Connector?

    I’m looking to purchase a Miller SuitCase 12RC and a Miller Spoolmatic Pro 30A Spoolgun. I already own a HF-251D-1 arc starter. The power source will be a trailblazer 301G.
    I’m looking at what length of remote 14 cable I can buy for these units? After doing some research, I stumbled across some information on the Spoolmatic Pro from CYBERWELD that stated:

    “Miller advises that 80 ft is the maximum distance that the Miller Spoolmatic Pro 30A Spoolgun 301148 should be used away from the power source. The Pro 30A has a 30ft cable that when combined with the Miller 132229 50 ft extension cable kit will give you this 80 ft max distance. Anything longer than 80 ft will effect welding amperage but more important the Spoolgun will lose its communication signal with the power source.”

    Is this true?? And if so, is this true for the suitcase 12rc and the hf-251d-1??

    Any Information Would Be Appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    I'm going to guess and say Yes. It's true. Sorry for the disappointment that news brings. However, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel if you think about it. Increase the size of the conductor, or increase the signal. Maybe both? But that's a guess.