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The Killing of Charlie Storms: The Birth of Modern Body Armor

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    Originally posted by MAC702 View Post

    I take security seriously, and have never had a firearm stolen, but I also see it pragmatically. The firearm is still just a tool. Many more people are murdered with blunt objects like hammers than with rifles and shotguns. As long as I'm not throwing guns in the front yard for the kids to play with, my conscious is clean if someone BREAKS INTO my home or vehicle and gets a gun/hammer/computer/car and uses it in a crime. The world is sick and there is just only so much you can do to be a good guy and hope to get through it.

    I hear that in Canada that if you shoot the man that broke into your home to rape you, that it's pretty much proof to be used against you that your firearm wasn't locked up far enough away from you to be legally stored. Okay, maybe not that bad....
    A guy broke into our house one early morning and I held him with my shotgun down on the floor until the police arrived and removed him from our home, One of the cops asked why I didn't kick and rough him up, I told him I was afraid of being sued.


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      The strength of silk is no Joke, link from Hobby over at WW.


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        Truedat, but the number of aracnoids willing to work is down, and just try finding a cocoon unwinder worthy of employment.
        Another industry ruined by WELFARE.